Dr. Petra Joh-
Research House

Thanks to the generous bequest of Dr. Petra Joh, who died of cancer at the age of only 32, the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer was able to build a research house in 1999. In honour of the testator, the research house was named after her.

In honour of Dr. Petra Joh

Why do children get cancer and how can the chances of cure be improved?

During her lifetime, the doctor of business administration from Gelnhausen had familiarised herself very closely with the tasks of “Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.” and its “Frankfurter Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder” (Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer) and then decided to make her will in favour of the Foundation, with the express request that her generous inheritance be used primarily for research into cancer.

In 2005, after a construction period of just under two years, the research house could be handed over for its intended purpose. In 2011, the house was extended by a further 230 m² of laboratory space to meet the increased requirements. The land for the research house is provided by MAINOVA AG as a leasehold.

In cooperation with the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the University Hospital of the Goethe University Frankfurt, around 60 scientists at the Dr. Petra Joh-Haus are investigating the questions: Why do children get cancer and how can the chances of recovery be improved?


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