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Leifheit Foundation promotes cancer research

Marcus Klüssendorf, Uwe Menger, Dr. Florian Rothweiler, Ingo Nehrbaß

The G. and I. Leifheit Foundation Nassau supports the worldwide unique collection of therapy-resistant cancer cells, the “Resistant Cancer Cell Line Collection” (RCCL-Collection), over three years with a grant of 250,000 euros annually. The Managing Director of the G. and I. Leifheit Foundation Nassau, Ingo Nehrbaß, is pleased to be able to make the announcement during the symbolic cheque presentation on 9 July 2021 at the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer. The funding commitment is made quite in accordance with Günter Leifheits’ personal philosophy: “It must serve people!”

The RCCL Collection is maintained and continuously expanded by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Paediatric Tumour and Virus Research (Prof. Jindrich Cinatl) in collaboration with the University of Kent (Prof. Martin Michaelis) ( The research activities of Prof. Cinatl’s working group take place in the Dr. Petra Joh-Haus of the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer.

With more than 2,500 therapy-resistant cancer cells, the RCCL Collection represents a unique model for (paediatric) cancer research worldwide. The cells from the RCCL Collection help to investigate molecular resistance mechanisms in tumours, identify new active substances and thus overcome resistance. Effects of already approved substances from other medical fields are also tested against tumour cells with the help of resistant cells from the RCCL Collection (drug repurposing). The aim of this research is to find substances that – with as few side effects as possible – are effective against resistant cancer cells where other therapeutic agents fail. In the corona pandemic, cells from the RCCL Collection are also used in research on SARS-CoV-2, thus -as a positive side effect- making an important worldwide scientific research contribution.

“The scientific presentation about the importance of the RCCL Collection for cancer research and its global reach, as well as the interactive exchange with researchers, represented by Dr Florian Rothweiler, completely convinced us,” said Ingo Nehrbaß during his visit to Frankfurt.

The partnership with the G. and I. Leifheit Foundation together with their generous support is of great importance to us. This exemplary support helps us with the further development of our goal to be able to cure 100 percent of children and adolescents suffering from cancer.  Since children are our future, the research of the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer focuses on childhood cancer as a first step. In successful cases the applicability in adults is an immediate consequence.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Board of Directors of the G. u. I. Leifheit Foundation for this extremely significant support.



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