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200 “Schoppe” lids for “Gerippte” with our foundation logo

We got to know Mr and Mrs Helfrich not only as supporters and tour guides of the Possmann apple press house in Frankfurt, but also as gifted wood artists. He has burnt the logo of our foundation into precious woods in minute detail, creating 200 unique pieces. Mr Helfrich had unexpected support. The wood required for the production was donated by the company Natursteingarten Egenolf in 61200 Wölfersheim, after the owner Clemens Egenolf had heard for whom the lids were intended. Thank you very much for this great campaign!

The lids – together with special glasses bearing the foundation’s logo – will be used as part of our public relations work.

Successful biscuit sale by class 6b of the Kreisrealschule Gelnhausen

In a moving campaign, pupils from class 6b at the Kreisrealschule Gelnhausen sold home-baked biscuits and muffins in the school hall before Christmas. For a symbolic price of €1, they raised an impressive total of €200. But what makes this biscuit sale special is the pupils’ decision to donate the money raised to the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer.

On 23 February 2024, the pupils had the opportunity to travel to Frankfurt in person to hand over the money collected on site. But before they handed over the donation, they took the opportunity to ask Prof Michaelis many questions, which he answered patiently and in detail. The students’ questions demonstrated their genuine interest and sensitivity to the topic of cancer. For example, they wanted to know how many children and adults develop cancer, what the chances of recovery are, what leukaemia means and how chemotherapy works.

Under the guidance of scientists from the foundation, the pupils were able to view leukaemia cell lines under the microscope, which not only aroused their curiosity, but also deepened their understanding of the appearance of cells and their significance for research. A special highlight was also the storage of the cell lines in cryotanks with liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees.

Class 6b’s initiative not only demonstrates their social commitment, but also their willingness to actively support a good cause. This campaign is a touching example of how children and young people can make a positive contribution to society through their initiative and solidarity. The pupils of class 6b have shown that they not only think about themselves, but also about those who need support.

Photo: Kerstin Hartmann


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