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What research and prototyping have in common

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Sven Mattis, owner of the company WCP in Messel, for another valuable donation of 10,000 euros for children’s cancer research.
Sven Mattis sees a close connection between his field of activity and research. With this in mind, he has been supporting childhood cancer research at our company for many years.
“I support the important research work of the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer out of deepest conviction. Because, in my view, the two areas – research and prototype construction – have a lot in common: in both areas, extensive development and testing is required. Results sometimes only become apparent after a number of trials, successes can rarely be achieved immediately and, unfortunately, many things are only decided in the future.”
Seven years ago, Sven Mattis and the then managing director of the “Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer”, Rudolf Starck, met by chance at an event. During an intensive conversation, they also got to talk about the topic of children and health. As an affected father, Rudolf Starck described the problems in childhood cancer research during the course of the exchange. Sven Mattis immediately recognised the similarities to his field of activity and his interest was aroused.
During his visit to Frankfurt this year, Sven Mattis was intensively informed about the current state of research during a tour of our research house. He was impressed by the successes already achieved in connection with the SAMHAD1 enzyme in the treatment of leukaemia (more on this on our research page at
For the past 7 years, WCP GmbH has donated a considerable amount every year for the benefit of children and young people suffering from cancer; around 70,000 euros have been collected in the meantime


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