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About us

The goal of giving all children and adolescents suffering from cancer a chance for a cure and a perspective on a life without long-term consequences has been pursued by the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer ever since it was established in 1994.

The Foundation

The Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer was established by parents of children with cancer. From their own experience, the founding members knew what it meant to receive the diagnosis “cancer” for their child. In view of this background their main concern was to support intensive targeted research to improve the chances of success in the treatment of children and adolescents with cancer.

An important foundation stone was laid with the establishment of the Foundation. Today, research is being performed at the highest level in the Foundation’s own research house – the Dr Petra Joh House. Here, more than 60 scientists divided into two working groups are provided with the appropriate spatial and technical equipment as well as the personnel necessary for their significant research activities

In addition, a small highly committed administrative team takes care of the essential organisational tasks.

Social Commitment

In addition to the extremely important research work, the Foundation also keeps an eye on the social impact on young people with cancer. Despite their successful cancer treatment young cancer survivors are unfortunately confronted with considerable challenges concerning their future planning. It is often difficult for them to find an apprenticeship on the first labour market – be it because of existing late effects or reservations on the part of the training company.

Against this background, the Frankfurt Foundation for Children with Cancer has been offering training facilities in the commercial field for these young people for many years.

“It always gives us a lot of pleasure to be able to accompany the young people in an important stage in life and to witness their successful career path after their apprenticeship.”
(Gertrud Berndt, training supervisor)

Julia Naatz is our current apprentice. She is still in therapy and will complete her apprenticeship in 2022. Due to her illness, she would not have been able to get an apprenticeship on the regular labour market. We are very pleased to have a completely reliable and committed apprentice in Julia Naatz.

Verena Schröter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18. After successful therapy, she was the first trainee at the foundation from 2009 to 2012. Today she is the mother of two healthy children. We are very pleased that Verena Schröter found her way back to us in March 2021 after having worked for another organisation for many years.


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